Canada’s Dr. Seuss has a ground-breaking new book to help children learn to focus on their goals instead of their fear.

Best-selling author Teresa de Grosbois has a revolutionary new book in her Small Shifts Series which teaches success and happiness principles to children. Fiona’s Fortitude targets the most common challenge children face today: how to transform their fears into success.


Commissioned by UNICEF in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child, this book sets the stage for you to teach your child to focus on what they want, not what they are afraid of.



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The Passion Test Profile from Chris and Janet Attwood


Wayne Dyer and Other Legends on Passion from Heathy Wealthy n'Wise Magazine


30 Day Communication Skills Practice Program from Relationship expert Teresa de Grosbois


Life Changing Experiential Weekend from the Sage Within


Why are we giving you all of this? Because Teresa's vision is a world where your child can live their best life and you as a parent have full access to the best resources today. Take action now and for only $10.99 teach your child to be extraordinary. 




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“Best-selling author Teresa de Grosbois is making an impact on our future. Her best selling book "Fiona's Fortitude," teaches positive focus to children in a way that will shift a generation.  The fundamental principles that Teresa teaches in her books, to children and parents alike, will cause a ripple effect for years to come.”


Janet Bray Attwood - Humanitarian and New York Times Bestseller, The Passion Test

“Teresa de Grosbois touches the heartstrings of all, as she takes you on a journey through the eyes of a child, exquisitely speckled with wisdom of the ages. Teresa makes it easy for parents to teach their children the biggest life lessons in a fun and interactive way. Every household needs the Teresa de Grosbois collection!”


Elisabeth Fayt - International Speaker and Author

“Is Teresa the new Dr. Seuss? . . . Put in the hands of children, her books have the power to shift an entire new generation”


Xenia Stanford, Canadian Entrepreneurial News


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